For a long time we had these front bumper spoilers in-stock for 6 Series BMW F06 BMW F06 Gran Coupe, F12 Cabriolet and F13 Coupe models with M Sport package bumpers.

This part only fits for models with M Sport bumpers. It will not fit for M6 or 6 Series models with stock bumper.

This front lip became one of the most popular for these models because of the good fitment and great looks.

From factory front lip comes with protective safety transportation film. You have to remove it before installation.

Made from ABS plastic and painted in glossy black color. Comes with bolts and nuts for installation.

BMW F06 M Sport front bumper spoiler
bmw f13 m sport glossy black front bumper splitter
bmw f12 glossy black front bumper splitter
bmw f06 gran coupe front bumper splitter with protective film
bmw front bumper splitter inner side
bmw front bumper lip bolts and nuts
bmw 650 640 front bumper splitter lip
bmw f06 f12 f13 m sport front bumper spoiler lip
bmw f06 f12 f13 front bumper glossy black lip

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